Becky with boyfriend Matt

Becky is Raven's best friend. Other than the truth about her boyfrinds race, Raven does not keep any secrets from her. Daughter of a farmer, Becky, an outsider, met Raven when( in third grade) waiting for her mother to pick her up. Becoming frantic about her mother possibly abandoning her, Becky was calmed down by Raven and has since then been best friends. She is essentially a pure girl. Becky fell for a kind soccer player (and Trevor's best friend) Matt Wells, and he returned her feelings. Since her relationship with Matt, Becky has been given more confidence, becoming more involved with school socials such as volunteering herself (and having Raven as well) to be on the prom dance committee. Sebastian had a crush on Becky until he met Luna. In the newest book, she found out about the vampires.