• AScarletSong
    • Raven Madison - Main character(vampire not until book nine)
    • Alexander Sterling - Raven's (vampire) boyfriend
    • Becky Miller - Raven's best friend
    • Trevor Mitchell - Raven's childhood nemesis, who constantly flirts with Raven
    • Jameson - The Sterlings' butler (half vampire half human)
    • Jagger Maxwell - Alexander's (vampire) nemesis
    • Luna Maxwell - Jagger's twin sister (vampire)
    • Valentine Maxwell - Luna and Jagger's little brother (vampire)
    • William Madison (a.k.a. "Billy Boy") - Raven's little brother
    • Sebastian Camden - Alexander's childhood friends (vampire)
    • Scarlet - Raven's vampire friend
    • Onyx - Raven's vampire friend
    • Paul Madison - Raven's and Billy's dad
    • Sarah Madison - Raven's and Billy's mom
    • Constantine Sterling - Alexander and Stormy's father (vampire)
    • C…
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  • Spectra Vondergeist Luv

    Remember? I heart Vampire Kisses!

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  • Butterfly98

    badass books

    January 8, 2013 by Butterfly98

    all i'm saying is that the books are great I will give it 5 stars

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  • Harryandginnyweasleypotterforever

    Hey all here are a few questions for us to answer

    1. Does Alexander finaly transform Raven?

    2. What happens to Becky and Trevor and Matt?

    3. Do Raven and Alexander get married?

    Any other questions to go on here and any answers you have to these. please comment. Fangs everyone

    Alexander Madison Sterling (Karl Alan Hausler)

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  • Angela123111

    Newest Book

    June 16, 2011 by Angela123111

    I absolutely cannot wait for the next one. Alexander's sister is going to show up. Also the newest book was so good with the new pairings and all.

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  • Rlpascua

    The newbie

    May 7, 2011 by Rlpascua

    Hello... I usually don't do blogs but i should at least make one for whatever's sake. I'm new and learning how this works. I like books with cartoons ,action, food, comedy, romances, and vampires but not much with gore (like vampire kisses). I also like anime and manga. That's all.

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