Claude Sterling was a half blooded vampire from Romania until he became a full blooded vampire in volume 3 of Blood Relatives. He's Alexander's and Athena's cousin and appears in Vampire Kisses Blood Relatives volumes 1-3 and Vampire Kisses Graveyard Games.


Claude has short black/blond messy hair. He has flame tattoos near his wrist and a lip ring on the left side of his lip. He's seen wearing goth clothing with a slight punk twist.


Claude is very confident, cocky and sure of himself. He's not afraid to do what's necessary to get what he wants and can be a bit short tempered sometimes. He can be flirtatious and charming when he wants/needs to be and can have clouded judgement at times.


Alexander Sterling

Alexander is Claude's cousin. Claude has always been jealous of Alexander ever since they were kids due to the fact that Alexander is a full blooded vampire while Claude had to deal with being a half blooded vampire.

Raven Madison

Claude has an interest in Raven and isn't afraid to show it. He often flirts with her despite her apprehension and doesn't care if he interferes in her relationship with Alexander.


Kat is one of Claude's close friends. Kat has an interest in Claude but it's obvious that these feelings aren't reciprocated. Despite this Claude relies on her and trusts her a great deal.


Rocco is the muscle in Claude's group of friends. Claude depends on him as he is the strength of the group.


Claude relies on Tripp as the brains of the group and usually goes to him if he needs information on something.