Jagger Maxwell is one of the most dangerous and menacing vampires in the series Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber. He is described in the 2nd book, Kissing Coffins, when Raven officially and accidentally meets him, as a tall cryptic teenager--He has white blond hair, with red tips, as though it was dipped in blood...his eyes are the most unusual feature...they are both different being icy blue and the other a brilliant metallic green. He has three silver rings in his eyebrow and a pewter skeleton for an earring, and a tattoo with the word POSSESS on his upper arm. He was also described as seductive, having a deep voice with a Romanian accent.

Jagger Maxwell as he sexily appears *drools*


Raven Madison

Jagger accidentally met Raven when she went to the Coffin Club in search of Alexander. He owned the club and Raven was looking for Alexander after her old boss/co-worker Ruby got a mysterious bouquet of flowers from Jameson (Creepy Man). She described Jameson as having creepy eyes and a Romanian accent, causing the bartender and service people at the club to think she was looking for Jagger. Romeo led Raven to the room where Jagger was hidden., and Jagger tries to get information out of Raven about Alexander. She doesn't say much and flees the club. Three days later, Raven is at Alexander's house and Jagger kidnapped her and took her to a graveyard to bite her and bond her to him for eternity. Before Jagger could bite Raven, Alexander showed up and rescued Raven.

Alexander SterlingEdit

Jagger has been trying to get revenge on Alexander since the day Alexander refused to bond with Jagger's twin sister Luna. He has been constantly trying to bond Raven with him as revenge--he tries and fails each time.

Luna MaxwellEdit

Luna is Jagger's twin sister, but Luna did not inherit the vampire traits when she was born and lived for several years as a human until Jagger hired someone to finally change her into a vampire.