Kat was a half blood vampire from Romania until she became a full blood vampire in Volume 3. She's one of Claude Sterlings best friends. She appears in Vampire Kisses Blood Relatives Volumes 1-3 and Vampire Kisses Graveyard Games.


Kat has chin length hair with black and pink streaks. She usually wears small devil horns with a tiny bow attached. She's seen wearing gothic style dresses and skirts with a slight victorian twist to them.


Kat isn't very talkative and is less energetic than her friends. She's very clever and cunning and isn't afraid to use this to her advantage.


Claude Sterling

Claude is Kat's friend and love interest. She gets jealous when he flirts with raven and hates that he has an interest in her. It's unknown how long they've know each other but he relies on her and trusts her greatly.

Alexander Sterling

Kat dated Alexander in the past before he met Raven. Alex said there wasn't any sparks between them which led to them going their separate ways.