Luna is the twin sister of Jagger Maxwell, and older sister of Valentine Maxwell. She is one of the only two characters who were once human. She is first seen at the end of Kissing Coffins (but mentioned once before earlier in the book), as Jagger is trying to get revenge on Alexander. Luna is a girl you wouldn't want to mess with. Like all vampires she is into the dark look but puts a little light into it, also. Luna may seem nice and sweet at first but she will turn on you as soon as she gets what she wants. She and her younger brother Valentine are the only ones who know the truth about Raven being human. She has always hated Alexander since he left her on sacred ground, but who wouldn't? But Luna has found someone else and it is Alexander's best friend Sebastian. If you can't get what you want at least get the closest one.


When Luna and Jagger were born, Luna acted differently from Jagger, in terms of wanting milk instead of blood, and not having the same blood-red eyes Jagger had. When her parents took her to a family doctor, she was announced human. The Maxwells, and Alexander's parents, agreed, that when Luna turns 18, they would hold a covenant ceremony, in which once Alexander bites Luna, while they are on sacred ground, the two would be bonded for eternity. Not wanting to live that life (unaware to Luna), Alexander runs away to Dullsville, and resided at his grandmother's mansion. Before she sees Alexander again, she is turned into a vampire by one of Jagger's friends on unsacred ground, at a party.