Trevor Mitchell is Raven's popular, khaki-clad, rich, gorgeous, and mean arch-nemesis. But truth is, he's more attracted to her than repelled by her. He's had a crush on her ever since they were children. Trevor even kept the one present Raven ever got him. He goes out of his way to humiliate her, but is just wanting her attention. Whenever he thinks of a scheme and he needs a partner, he always imagines Raven is right beside him. Too bad for him, Raven despises him and doesn't think that he loves her. He nicknamed Raven his "Monster Girl."

Appearance Edit

Trevor is described, by Raven, as a gorgeous, sun-kissed, soccer snob. He has blonde hair and green eyes.

Events Edit

Matt's Party Edit

After he gets drunk, Trevor finds Raven looking through the CDs. He calls her, "sexy Monster Chick." He forcibly kisses her and steals her first kiss. After a make-out session, both Trevor and Raven go outside in the woods near Matt's house. Trevor's clothes are taken off by Raven and Trevor thinks they will make love to each other, but after Raven's got all of his clothes, she stuffs them in a garbage bag and drives away with Becky

Halloween Edit

When Halloween came, Trevor dressed up as a vampire to impress Raven because he knows she loves vampires. He takes out a spray paint can and plans to spray paint the Mansion and blame it on Raven for humiliating him. Raven knocks the can out of his hand and hits his hand also. The racket flies away with the can. Trevor keeps the racket after Alexander's butler, Jameson, comes to the school to return it to her. Trevor chases Jameson down to tell him that he is her boyfriend and gives him her name and address to prove it. Jameson gives Trevor the racket and waits for the right time to return it to Raven (also annoying her in the process).

Snow Ball Edit

When he sees Raven, he insults her and Alexander. He brings Becky, Raven's best friend, so he can humiliate her even more. He keeps insulting her so she'll reveal the reason she snuck into the Mansion. He succeeds in humiliating her.

Jagger and Luna Edit

He appears with the white haired Luna in the carnival and both of them go into the Hall of Mirrors. Raven and Alexander follow them. He and Luna start dating even though they can't meet until sundown. Trevor is constantly warned by Raven to stay away from Luna. Trevor mistakes it for Raven liking him and tries to kiss her in his room. He appears as the Angel of Death, or the Grim Reaper in the Graveyard Gala. As he and Luna walk down the aisle to the center of the graveyard, he imagines it is Raven he is walking down with because it is obvious that Trevor is madly in love with her even though Raven does not reciprocate his feelings. He finds out that the two siblings were just using him, beats up Jagger before he can bite Raven, and drives the two out of Dullsville.

Romantic Interests

Vampire kisses blood relatives v1 p

Raven Madison, Trevor's target of affection

Trevor has had had a crush on Raven since the day they met but has never told her.

Raven Madison Edit

Raven is Trevor's childhood nemesis and love. He and Raven had been enemies since Trevor's birthday party. He and Raven try to humiliate each other. While Raven hates him truly, Trevor is Raven's secret admirer. It is unknown if Raven will ever know his true feelings.

Luna Maxwell Edit

Luna is Trevor's so called, "girlfriend." The truth is that Trevor is just using Luna as a temporary "Raven."

Others Edit

Many other popular girls and cheerleaders date him for short times, but he never sticks to one girl. He bought a painting by Alexander of Raven.