• AScarletSong
    • Raven Madison - Main character(vampire not until book nine)
    • Alexander Sterling - Raven's (vampire) boyfriend
    • Becky Miller - Raven's best friend
    • Trevor Mitchell - Raven's childhood nemesis, who constantly flirts with Raven
    • Jameson - The Sterlings' butler (half vampire half human)
    • Jagger Maxwell - Alexander's (vampire) nemesis
    • Luna Maxwell - Jagger's twin sister (vampire)
    • Valentine Maxwell - Luna and Jagger's little brother (vampire)
    • William Madison (a.k.a. "Billy Boy") - Raven's little brother
    • Sebastian Camden - Alexander's childhood friends (vampire)
    • Scarlet - Raven's vampire friend
    • Onyx - Raven's vampire friend
    • Paul Madison - Raven's and Billy's dad
    • Sarah Madison - Raven's and Billy's mom
    • Constantine Sterling - Alexander and Stormy's father (vampire)
    • C…
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